Customs Clearance

Failing to talk to one who is worthy of talking means losing him. While talking to one who is unworthy of doing so means losing words. Hecny Group doesn’t lose either words or people: we deal with customs stations worldwide directly due to our long-standing business relations. This precludes any delays and enables us to provide the most beneficial customs clearance / formality fulfillment terms to our customers. Having entrusted us with any international freight operations, you may expect our professional assistance in customs clearance for export/import/transit traffic.

Our company is engaged in international transportation for over fifty years. During this time we have worked out clear procedures to deal with customs authorities worldwide. Most of our offices are licensed customs brokers, members of specialized associations (e.g. C-TPAT in the ). Hecny Group’s office in is currently under registration as an all-Russian customs broker, and we believe this service to become available in the near future. Our customers may be confident that Hecny Group is continuously monitoring any changes in national customs legislations. This means you will be proof against ‘surprises’ in executing your package of documents, and they’ll be all issued in strict accordance with both international and local statutory requirements.

We’ll undertake:

  • analyzing the package of documents required;
  • choosing the cargo related FEACC (TNVED) code;
  • optimizing/calculating customs fees;
  • filling in a customs declaration;
  • assistance in obtaining a transit certificate.

Hecny Group guarantees quick and exact execution of documents and customs clearance of your cargo throughout its carriage. We’ll become your dependable guide through a variety of national customs labyrinths. Like a devoted wise imperial counsellor, we’ll hold you harmless against even slightest troubles and save your own time for other great undertakings.

To find out customs duties / customs clearance fees for your particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.