It is merchant’s word of honor which formed the basis for partnerships in distant centuries, and merchants frequently entrusted a partner with carrying their goods from one country to another at their own extreme peril. Unlike those adventurous people, we contract with our customers, adding a number of unquestioned safeguards to our parole. Among them are our cargo insurance services provided to minimize possible risks.

We are close-knit with major Russian and international insurers. Our long-standing partnership with a solid package of joint projects has given us extra benefits running into the most attractive insurance terms and conditions for our customers.

In addition, we offer our own flexible insurance program called Hecny Global Insurance.

Anyway, your liberty to choose an insurer is indisputable. Our people are always willing to give you advice on insurance aspects, search for a suitable insurer, help reach a proper decision and protect your interests in events insured.

To find out the value of insurance for your particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.