The one who wishes to save others’ good has already saved his own one. This dictum is reaffirmed by our own experience: having included warehousing into its service package, our company has got nothing but benefits by replenishing its authority among the partners and customers. Because warehousing appears to be an essential part of international freight operations. We provide our customers with warehouse facilities for their goods to be stored and transshipped along with the whole package of warehousing/logistic services. This enables our customers both to save money and to become no longer responsible or anxious for the safety of cargo, letting Hecny Group to take care of it.

Hecny Group is a highly ramified network of branches distributed worldwide. Most of our offices/agents have their own warehouses or place goods at partners’ warehousing terminals. We provide warehouses meeting all the applicable standards, to wit: open-air stores, indoor warehouses, climate controlled warehouses, jewelry/luxury depositories. Highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art engineering equipment allow Hecny Group to provide competent processing and storage of your assets. For the safety of stored goods, most warehousing facilities are equipped with video monitoring systems, and they all have professional security divisions. 

The following services are available to our customers:

  • safekeeping;
  • manual/automatic loading/unloading;
  • properly sized / oversized cargo storage;
  • packing/repacking, marking, handling as per your specific requirements;
  • related forwarding services.

Careful handling and absolute safety of carriage make up the distinctive features of our business style. One who undertakes a business to get quick results will make nothing. One who finishes its business as cautiously as he started will never fall short.

To find out the value of warehousing for your particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.