Ocean Freight

The times when a property owner using sea transport should personally attend the carriage to protect its goods against sea robbers, suffering from naupathia, have sunk into oblivion long ago. As for you, it’s quite enough to contact a Hecny Group’s manager and then… simply forget about your forthcoming sea transit and let our people take care about it to quickly deliver your goods just-in-time to any port worldwide.

Our competitive edge consists in that we have… no own vessels or containers. Meanwhile, Hecny is a NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), which means that we are bound to any laid course. Over its long history as a sea carrier, Hecny Group has been handling its operations all over the world, and we’re always ready to chart a new route on our own ‘wayfaring map’. We are free to choose a carrier meeting your requirements to the best! Our record of this business, along with impressive traffic volumes, has caused Hecny Group to be provided with considerable price benefits by sea carriers. Having entrusted Hecny Group with necessary carriage, you can expect your goods to be delivered to the destination, as scheduled initially, at the most competitive rates even at the height of a traffic season.

We’ll deliver by sea any kind of your cargo, whether it is standard, hazardous or oversized. Hecny Group will offer: 

  • to place a container under loading anywhere you wish and deliver the charged one to a port;
  • to make all port handling operations;
  • to provide forwarding / customs clearance;
  • keep track of your goods on a real-time basis;
  • for redirected goods, to settle all formalities for your property to be delivered to its destination;
  • to provide cargo consolidation services;
  • to include sea carriage into a multimodal arrangement.

You will never have to ‘travel beyond four seas’ to set your things going: Hecny Group will help you carry out your business worldwide immediately from your office.

To find out the value of sea carriage for particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.