Multimodal Freight

Our remote ancestors led caravans with tender silks, odoriferous spices, jewelry through road dust, sand dunes, passed them over flighty river waves, sailed with their goods in sultry ship holds and worked their way through steep mountain-sides with delusive dreams of a magic carpet. Nowadays, these dreams have come true. Though, with the magic carpet’s role played by an ordinary plane. This kind of freight trade has become known as “multimodal carriage” or transportation of cargo by different modes of transport. Multimodal operations appear to be indispensable for goods to be delivered to a remote point or an area difficult of access.

To work out and implement a multimodal arrangement requires real professionals. In this regard, Hecny Group’s expertise and discipline will come very opportunely. Wherever your personal ‘Silk Route’ leads to – New York’s downtown, glamour Paris or glaring Tokyo – we’ll optimize your arrangement with necessary modes of transport and, if required, warehousing terminals for your goods to be kept pending the next transport. Our network incorporates 70 own offices and over 200 agents covering all intercontinental directions. This will make any ‘backs of beyond’ easily accessible for you: whether by air, land or sea – your goods will be delivered to their respective destinations just-in-time, with no demurrage or latency because our business style means uttermost coordination between all divisions and efficient performance to our plans.

Before we spur our iron horses to forward your goods, we subject our task to a thorough analysis allowing our people to provide you with optimized and the most beneficial cargo delivery flow sheet. The secret of success attendant to our projects consists in multimodal flow sheets worked out by Hecny Group’s specialists with due regard for not only expected routes but also your wishes and cargo particularities, following which they inform you of the exact value of service package inclusive of:

  • elaborating a multimodal carriage flow sheet;
  • arranging required operations;
  • issuing all shipping documents;
  • placing a transport under loading;
  • cargo handling at dispatch/transshipment/delivery points;
  • transshipment warehousing, consolidation services;
  • packing/marking, if required;
  • customs clearance at dispatch/transshipment/delivery points;
  • freight monitoring throughout the entire route;
  • cargo insurance.

Like ancient heroes, we place at your service all the four elements we have subdued, because nothing’s impossible for real professionals.

To find out the value of multimodal carriage for particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.