Road Freight

We often ask ourselves why people entrust us with their goods – no doubt that among a lot of carriers operating at the market there are some players offering cheaper services.

However, serious orders go to us in abundance. Explanation seems to be rather simple: our trump card is real, not formal responsibility for all trucking related matters, responsiveness and competitive prices. We treat road haulage as work we should do perfectly everyday rather than as a page of an adventure novel with pursuits and treasure hunting.

The routes developed by Hecny Group during its business in are also impressive, viz.:

- Eastern/Western Europe: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Turkey;

- Scandinavian/Baltic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. 

To implement our tasks, we can utilize our state-of-the-art, continuously upgrading truck fleet:

  • tilted/all-metal trucks (10…150 m3);
  • refrigerators / insulated food containers;
  • container trucks;
  • oversized/heavy weight cargo trucks;
  • hazardous cargo trucks.

14 years of proven cooperation with major Russian trucking companies enable us to provide service by the most reliable carriers many of which are contracted by us on an annual basis. With our hundreds trips from all over Europe to Russia and back every month, we are capable of timely providing as much hauling stock as required by our customers as well as effective delivery and safety of goods.

For us, all routes are open, all roads unobstructed. To find out the value of road haulage for particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.