Air Freight

In ancient times, it was even unimaginable for those in the Celestial Empire that roaring silver dragons would bend to human’s will carry different goods over incredible distances, outrunning both camels and horses. This concerns air carriage, a key activity of Hecny Group as a transnational operator.

We arranged our first carriage in the distant 1951. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then, but nothing could divert Hecny Group’s silver dragons from their course. Long decades of hard work in air-freight carriage have resulted in a virtually faultless operating mechanism. Our company ranks among the best air carriers in Asia / North America. We value all our customers, willing to devote as much attention as possible to both transnational corporations and small business. One of our corporate rules sounds as follows: “Our professionalism and respect for the customer should remain unchanged despite this changing world.”

Hecny Group is an IATA member, which enables us to enter into direct and exclusive contracts with the leading international airlines. Thanks to our long cooperation and impressive annual traffic volumes, as a ‘favorite partner’, we negotiate the most favorable terms for our customers.

One of Hecny Group’s Russian offices is situated at Sheremetyevo International Airport where we work on your orders, provide comprehensive quotations within a day, make up an import/export/transit air carriage route using any airport worldwide.

Our services include:

  • issuing the whole package of cargo shipping documents;
  • cargo consolidation/deconsolidation;
  • assistance in import/export customs clearance;
  • delivering your goods in the customs transit mode.

Entrust your cargo to us for air carriage and don’t worry about its safety as the whole delivering process will be taken under our strict control. You can order our air carriage directly from your office, and we’ll pick up at your place all the property to be carried, convey it to the airport and, upon all formalities, to its destination. Though, it should not be a matter of your interest (however, even if it is the case we’ll provide you with comprehensive information on the current location/condition of your goods), and you’d be certain of that your property is in safe hands and will be delivered just-in-time!

To find out the value of air carriage for particular cargo, please contact our office or fill in the Shipping Request on our website.