Hecny Worldwide

There is no weight impossible to lift, there is no distance impossible to get over. This is proved every day by Hecny Group, an international freight carriage market leader.

Our History

The one who tries to be the best becomes same. Among our major principles is ambition to reach the peaks in our business, to become irreplaceable for the customers. Due to this, a small company in Hong Kong which began with 4 people and a tiny office has managed to grow into a transnational corporation widely reputed as a dependable and trustworthy carrier being in great favor with world-known brands. Our company was a pioneer in many areas of freight carriage: we became one of the first four IATA agents in Hong Kong, were first to arrange charters from China/Taiwan to the USA, Korea, Nigeria and one of the first US operators to switch to a computer-aided customs clearance system. Despite a lot of proposals to go public, Hecny Group still remains a private company able to respond as quick as lightning to any changes in both global economic and political situation, to make deliberate and adequate decisions regarding its further development, to provide unique, custom-tailored service. To date, Hecny Group is a diversified company with a sphere of interests comprising international freight operations, real estate, travel industry.

Our Mission

Hecny Group’s business principle: “Simple Solutions for the Complex World”. Despite all the complexity of present-day business processes, we try to find the easiest ways of solving the numerous problems arising in such a complex business sphere as international freight operations. In doing so, “Simple Solutions” also mean beneficial ones for our customers, because we work under the motto: “Total customer satisfaction is a key to our corporate growth”.

Why Hecny Group?

With its impressive global coverage, Hecny Group provides every kind of freight carriage: by sea, air, road, rail, and multimodal. We also provide the whole package of related forwarding trade, incl. customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, cargo consolidation, international trade advice. As a leading sea/air carrier, we can offer extremely competitive rates. Our customers may rely on our qualified assistance in optimizing routes and providing up-to-date transports. Deadline observance and security assurance are always kept under our close control. Hecny Group is continuously engaged in developing new freight traffic processes and new routes. The only unchangeable thing is our drive for remaining the best for our customers. Hecny Group always stands sentinel over your business interests.